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Already in first grade the two members of inmot!on Ivo Studer and Jan Schmutz, were rather interested in juggling- than footballs. Also computer games couldn’t grab their attention. Instead they would rather play with various skill toys and improve their hand-eye coordination.

At the end of the 90’s the worldwide Yo-Yo trend reached Switzerland and like hundreds of other students Ivo and Jan discovered the Yo-Yo in 1998. The young artists got to know each other in the year 1999 at a Yo-Yo competition. In the summer of 2000 their career as a showduo started with a promotional appearance for one of the biggest department stores in Switzerland.


Over the intervening years inmot!on worked together with various choreographers and coaches and enriched their show with further elements like blacklight and fire.


 Ivo Studer


 Artist / Teacher

 English and Sports    




 Jan Schmutz


 Artist / Psychologist

 (Industrial Psychology)






inmot!on are World Yo-Yo Champs 2017 Video
"Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde" Video
"I can do that!" Video 1 / Video 2
"Britain's Got Talent" Video


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